About the Reasons of Choosing HL Cryogenic Equipment.

Since 1992, HL Cryogenic Equipment has been committed to the design and manufacture of the High Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Piping System and related Cryogenic Support Equipment to meet the various needs of customers. HL Cryogenic Equipment has obtained ASME, CE, and ISO9001 system certification and provided products and services for many well-known international enterprises. We are sincere, responsible and dedicated to do every job well. It's our pleasure to serve you.

About the Scope of Supply.

Vacuum Insulated/Jacketed Pipe

Vacuum Insulated/Jacketed Flexible Hose

Phase Separator/Vapor Vent

Vacuum Insulated (Pneumatic) Shut-off Valve

Vacuum Insulated Check Valve

Vacuum Insulated Regulating Valve

Vacuum Insulated Connector for Cold Box & Container

MBE Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

Other cryogenic support equipment related to VI piping, including but not limited to, such as safety relief valve (group), liquid level gauge, thermometer, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, electric control box and so on.

About the Minimum Order

There is no limited for minimum order.

About the Manufacture Standard.

HL's Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP) is built to ASME B31.3 Pressure Piping code as the standard.

About the Raw Materials.

HL is a vacuum manufacturer. All raw materials are purchased from qualified suppliers. HL can purchase raw materials which are specified standards and requirements according to customer. Usually, ASTM/ASME 300 Series Stainless Steel (Acid Pickling、Mechanical Polishing、Bright Annealing and Electro Polishing).

About the Specification.

The size and design pressure of the inner pipe shall be according to the customer's requirements. The size of the outer pipe shall be according to the HL standard (or according to the customer's requirements).

About the Static VI Piping and VI Flexible Hose System.

Compared with the conventional piping insulation, the static vacuum system offers better insulation effect, saving gasification loss for customers. It is also more economical than the dynamic VI system and reduces the initial investment cost of the projects.

About the Dynamic VI Piping and VI Flexible Hose System.

The advantage of the Dynamic Vacuum System is that its vacuum degree is more stable and does not decrease with time and reduces the maintenance work in the future. Especially, VI Piping and VI Flexible Hose are installed in the floor interlayer, the space is too small to maintain. So, the Dynamic Vacuum System is the best choice.