Management & Standard

Management & Standard

HL Cryogenic Equipment has been engaged in cryogenic application industry for 30 years. Through a large number of international project cooperation, HL Cryogenic Equipment has established a set of Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Quality Management System based on the international standards of Vacuum Insulation Cryogenic Piping System. The Enterprise Quality Management System consists of a Quality Manual, dozens of Procedure Documents, dozens of Operation Instructions, and dozens of Administrative Rules, and constantly update according to the actual work.

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification Certificate was authorized, and timely recheck the certificate as required.

HL has obtained ASME qualification for Welders, Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Non-destructive Inspection.

The ASME quality system certification was authorized.

The CE Marking Certificate of PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) was authorized.

During this period, HL passed International Gases Companies’ (inc. Air Liquide, Linde, AP, Messer, BOC) on-site audit and became their qualified supplier. International Gases Companies respectively authorized HL to produce with its standards for its projects. The quality of HL products has reached the international level.

After years of accumulation and continuous improvement, the company has formed an effective quality assurance model from product design, manufacturing, inspection, to post-service. Now all production and business activities are strictly controlled, the work has a plan, a basis, an evaluation, an assessment, a record, clear responsibility, and can be traced back.