Seaworthy Packing


1.Cleaning before Packing

Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP) shall be cleaned for the third time in the whole production process before packaging.

l The outer surface of the VIP should be wiped with a cleaning agent which is free of water and oil.

l The inner pipe of the VIP is first purged by a high-power fan > Purged by dry pure nitrogen > Cleaned by a pipe brush > Purged by dry pure nitrogen > After purging, quickly cover the two ends of the pipe with rubber caps and keep the nitrogen filling state.

2.Pipe Packing

In the first layer, the VIP is completely sealed with a film to prevent moisture (as shown in the right pipe).

The second layer is completely wrapped with packing cloth, which mainly protects against dust and scratches.


3.Placed on Metal Shelf

Export transportation includes multiple transshipment and hoisting, so the safety of VIP is particularly important.

First, the structure of the metal shelf is made of steel with thicker wall thickness to ensure strong enough.

Then make enough brackets for each VIP, and then fixed VIP by U-clamps and rubber pads place between them.

4.Metal Shelf

Design of the metal shelf should be strong enough. So, the net weight of the single metal shelf no less than 2 tons (a 11m x 2.2m x 2.2m metal shelf as an example).

The size of the metal shelf is usually within the range of 8-11 meters in length, 2.2 meters in width and 2.2 meters in height. This size is in line with the size of the 40-foot standard container (top opening). With the lifting lug, the metal shelf can be hoisted into the open-top container at the dock.

Shipping mark and other required packaging marks shall be made according to the requirements of international shipping. An observation window is reserved in the metal shelf, sealed with bolts, which can be opened for inspection according to the requirements of the customs.